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Our professional team of fitters do the repalacements or repairs (dehumidifying side glasses, repairing of stone impacts on windscreens, reinstalling automotive glasses) of any kind of vehicles in the 10th district of Budapest, HUNGARY:

  • by using automotive glasses meeting the highest quality requirements,

  • by working with professional tools specifically developed for this purpose,

  • by applying high quality materials,

  • thanks to our comprehensive experience on the field.


The necessary time for the work (including drying) can vary widely with different vehicle types, for example it is generally 2-3 hours in case of passenger cars or trucks, and it is rather 6-8 hours when it's about buses & coaches. Our team will always confirm the estimated time of driving away when placing your order.

For further information, please get in touch with our colleagues, click on Contacts.

Service Station - Repair or Replacement of Automotive Glasses​

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